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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and szt our Cookie PolicyLooking for some to be with sat Policyand our Terms of Service. I hear this quite often, however, and Looking for some to be with sat usage overrules formality. Does anybody know where this originated or how to describe it grammatically? Forms like "I am sat here" and "they were stood there" are common in certain dialects of English such as Yorkshire, where I livebut are not regarded as standard English, which prefers "I am sitting here" and "they were standing there".

They are examples of stative verbs, which in many languages have a different grammar from other verbs, but exactly how the form arises I don't know. The simple past and the past participle of the much older verb to sit Lookibg both Lookinh satand nothing more. However, these entries have not been updated since the Second Edition ofand it is possible that more recent hypothetical opprobrium for such things has not yet found its wat into being reflected there.

Singal wm looking for a relation ship am sat ii. I am sitting iii.

In [1ii], the gerund-participle sitting is just a simple verb -- indicating that the subject is sitting. In [1iii] we have the past participle used in what The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language calls the ascriptive use of be a kind of copular clause.

In the ascriptive use, PC [predicative Looking for some to be with sat denotes a property and characteristically has the form of AdjP or … NP. A verb can be inflected to be used as an adjective by using the gerund-participle swt or the past participle form.

This, of course, does not apply when the preterite and past participle are not syncretised.

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I am wanting [gerund-participle] iii. I am wanted [past participle]. In summary, I am sat is an example of the ascriptive use of be. Colloquially, "I am sat here" or "I am sat there" carries with it a sense Looking for some to be with sat someone has done it to you. As in the construct "She sat me down and fr me It's typically used when telling a story or complaining. You wouldn't use it for a circumstance like being at your desk working or at home watching TV under normal conditions.

You might use it for being in a foe waiting room, or outside the principals office. Mexico lake lonely women suppose if you felt trapped at work or even at home and strongly wanted to be somewhere else, you might: As a southern UK speaker I Looking for some to be with sat soome construction more and more frequently and I am puzzled by it. I would use the verb to-have in these cases e. I wonder "by who", i.

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I take it to be transitive. Colin Fine above says "Forms like "I am sat here" and "they were stood there" are common in certain dialects of Loo,ing such as Yorkshire, where I livebut are not regarded as standard English, which prefers Looking for some to be with sat am sitting here" and "they were standing there".

What slme the rule? Perhaps that in some northern dialects the distinction between to sit and to set was given up.

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Old Norse for to sit is sitja, for to set setja. Sitja and setja might easily have been muddled into one verb in northern dialects. But such a question would be the task for dialect specialists. It appears Looking for some to be with sat, though extremely awkward, it would be correct, as sat is the past part of sit. Seat is a similar verb that means "to sit down. All those verbs which do not admit of being combined with the substantive verb, are called intransitive or neuter: Thank you for your interest in this question.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is "I am sat" bad English? Very attractive 27405 female for black female friend believe it is incorrect and instead either the present continuous I am sitting or the predicate adjective I am seated should be used.

I get told off for using it by my southern wife Strangely enough, even as an American, it sounds normal to me. I quite frequently say be sat. To me Looking for some to be with sat just like be goneexpressing a state rather than an action.

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It's not exactly the same. The waiter seated me, whereupon I found myself sat in the back of the smoky Italian restaurant with nothing to do is fine.

The Looknig sat me is just wrong, and if the waiter sat me down then I'd expect him to give Looking for some to be with sat a stern talking-to for some reason. Probably for failing to smoke in what is obviously a smoking-mandatory establishment, I dunno.

I was out with my coworkers last night and they sat us in the quiet section of the restaurant. Colin Fine Colin Fine I don't think it's at all common in America.

The Google hits I can identify geographically all seem to be UK. It's standard enough or hip enough for Adult woman for sex magazineapparently.

I think you are correct in point one, however, after reading your answer I have been learning about stative verbs Lady wants casual sex San Martin I do not agree that sit is one because if this were the case, then the form I am sitting would be invalid. An example of a stative verb is osmewhere the form I am knowing is invalid. You're right that they don't pattern with the class of verbs called "stative" in English; but semantically they certainly are stative, and in some languages have particular grammar because of that.

Looking for some to be with sat it was probably unhelpful for me to call them "stative" here. I was trying to capture a property of these words and no others that I can think of in some dialects of English. Some notes on all this from sme OED It's just not standard usage. I am wanted [past participle] [2i] is ungrammatical, while [2ii] and [2iii] are fine.

I'm pretty sure that sat is the past participle of sit. If it isn't, then I don't know what is.

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What makes you say it's the past participle Watsonville chat rooms sit? It is ofr simple past form of sit. I'm sure we can agree that "took" is the simple past form of "take", while "taken" is the past participle. Another use of the past participle is for the perfect: Although, after running a quick Google search, it looks as though I may be wrong.

Let me do some more research.

I am Lookihg OED says so! Now that I have had my embarrassing moment and have learnt such a simple verb as "sit", I can update my answer.

How to Study for the ACT or SAT | The Princeton Review

Hehe we Looking for some to be with sat have these moments from time to time. Hopefully I've given a reason that it is grammatical now though far from what I thought I was showing.

I would accept all of The cat sits on the mat The cat is sitting on the mat The cat sat on the mat The cat has sat on the mat The cat was sitting on the mat but also the transitive or passive forms of seat and sit She seats the cat on the mat She sits the cat on the mat She seated the cat on the mat She sat the cat on the mat She has seated the cat on the mat She has sat the cat on the mat The cat was seated on the mat by her The cat was sat on the mat by her The cat has been seated on the mat The cat has been sat on the fo The cat was seated on the mat The cat is seated on the mat That only Nude girls Bridgewater South Dakota The cat was sat on the mat The Wjth is sat on the mat which I find difficult to reject, though here sat has a passive tone to me.

Would you regard "She sits the cat on the mat" as a transcription error?

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This kind of phrase is Looking enough: I would say that either She seats him or She sets him down depending on whether he moves under Looking for some to be with sat power or hers would be better.

The past forms irk me much more, I'd Looking for some to be with sat use has sat transitively, and the passive constructions was sator has been sat just don't work IMO. Note that you have was sat in two of your lists. In my dialect and I think in most British ones Saint Louis woman sex web cam, it is far more natural than your form with "set", as "set" is not an everyday word for "put" or "place".

Kate Gregory Kate Gregory 8, 2 27 Well I wouldn't, but the usage that caused me to ask the question was in exactly that circumstance. No, it does not carry that sense in those dialects where the phrase is common.

Colin who are you disagreeing with? This construction is known as the antipassive.

be seated vs be sat | WordReference Forums

I was disagreeing with you, that it does not for me carry a sense that somebody has necessarily done it to you. On an afterthought, I realised that if often does Beautiful adult looking flirt Stamford a sense of annoyance.

On further reflection, verbs e. I hated, iii a past participle which is often the same as the simple past e. The past participle is used with to be and to have. When used with to have the case is active.

Thus if we say I have run, it is I who ran. When used with to be the case is passive, So with Yo am hated, Looking for some to be with sat do not hate, but it is me is hated. The past participle can be used with both to be and to have With "to have" the case is active, with to be the case is passive. I have always suppoosed that Hot Horny woman in Westfield ma is a causative of sitas fell is of fall and raise of rise.

Can you give an example of transitive xat I think it's used when either "seat" or "set" is meant.