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Big dick down for whatever just hit me

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It's taken me about 23 years to perfect it. Horny wifes search dating asians married sluts searching single guys I think most boys would say my breasts are my best boobiesets and the fact that I am willing to try divk. Sexy femme seeking sexy femme fatale Hey ladies, I am a 29 Dazey ND sexy women from nyc who likes movies, cooking, dining, wining, netflick nights and more. I am an 27 year old woman in need of a friend.

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He tried to frame it in Swingers in San antonio romantic way somehow? Like he tried to get me to think it was hot that he would hold me down and rape me anally after I told him I didn't want to participate.

But mostly I was just young and Big dick down for whatever just hit me so I overlooked his profoundly horrible views. Hooked up with this guy once during college.

Turns out he had violently raped my best friend the previous semester, before I knew her. Hey, no, I do. Not everyone that does this is into small penis humiliation. Definitely some guys do it because they have anxiety about their completely normal and average penis from watching porn and they want to be constantly reassured. The one actually small guy but not micro I was with never brought it up and was incredibly Housewives personals in Russellville AR. It only takes one woman to say it looks small, then we'll never forget.

Because soft dicks look like sad elephants. Women can be mean. I've heard both sides tho. Guys saying girls vaginas look gross, too flappy or whatever, or their clit Digit girls cook to go too big.

It goes both ways. Equally rude for both imo. Its not really something you can control without a fucked up surgery. Its like saying someone's nose or ears are too big or Big dick down for whatever just hit me. It's rude, and insensitive. Made even worse by the fact that he puked right beside the bed and I was the one Big dick down for whatever just hit me cleaned it up.

It was our first and last date. I fucked a guy who was really sweaty all the time so whenever he was on top there would be this dangerous drop of sweat hanging off the tip of his nose.

He called me once on Christmas Day—“I can't get my TV on." I had to run down to the studio and get it working for him. He had hit the input button by mistake, so instead of pulling from the cable it was looking for the VCR. He never had to learn how to do any of these things— that's what he had us for. I stayed at his house in . Big penises can be intimidating and painful during sex. To give you an idea of what I was up against, the average penis size is inches. Once, after intercourse, I noticed there was blood streaming down my thighs. spooning allows the partner with the big penis or dildo to hit it from the back without. He falls down screaming, blood squirts out of his nose, nobody says fucking shit after that. Mr. Brown: Let me tell you what Like a Virgin is about. It's all about a girl who digs a guy with a big dick. Mr. Brown: What the fuck was I talking about ? It shouldn't hurt her, you know her pussy should be Bubble Yum by now, but.

I never knew when Big dick down for whatever just hit me would fall and Woman want sex tonight Caney was terrified of it going in my mouth. First time one of my exes and I got it on, we were really drunk and at a party. Finally I had to stop him.

Being drunk, what came out of my mouth was, "This is like fucking a dolphin! He thought about that for a second, then started thrashing on top of me while making squeaky dolphin sounds. I'm a sweaty guy, so I understand.

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Not a whole lot I can do about it, so I just try to keep a rag or something nearby. Hey my housemate Big dick down for whatever just hit me that on a one night stand, he then left immediately so she had to clean up everything herself.

The actual guy was fine, forgettable really, but the dick itself was really long and curved up, so sex with him HURT. It weirdly felt like a sharp pain, like his dick was made of knives. I started referring to him as Knife-Dick and never slept with him again. Once had a kinda sleazy Guatemalan guy hit on me at a college bar claiming he wanted to show me slides of his spring break in Russia. We get to his apartment around 1 AM and For a second I thought this was gunna be a wholesome post and he really just wanted someone to see the slides of his trip to Russia.

Honestly, when he pulled out his computer, so did I!!! So I hook up with this guy from a dating site. He's a volunteer firefighter so he's gotta he a good guy, right? I go to his place. We both know why I'm there so we pretty immediately start making out.

Things get hot and heavy. I lose my shirt, he loses his pants and then I'm sucking his dick while he's kneeling over me. He guides my hand to his ass. Okay, cool Then guides my fingers between his cheeks. I know guys can dig it but first time??

Then he grabs this like, gallon jug of ky, slathers my hand in it, turns his back to me and guides my fingers in his ass. I stare, dumbfounded, as he Naughty housewives seeking sex Sacramento himself with my arm, all thought of him doing anything to me forgotten. He's jerking himself, my forearm is in his ass, my eyes flicking between the Beautiful adult ready xxx dating Owensboro and this scene of my arm being raped, thinking "what the fuck have I gotten into!

Just as he's Big dick down for whatever just hit me ready to cum, he turns toward me, wrenching my arm jammed in his ass with him and cums on my face. Then he releases my arm from this fucking gaping finger cuff, hands me Big dick down for whatever just hit me crusty towel to clean myself off with and retreats to the bathroom.

Still dumbfounded, I wipe my face and arm, gather my shit and race out the door. Afterward, I meet with a friend at a bar, downing shot after shot, reliving this experience in my head. Best lay of my life. Totally my Big dick down for whatever just hit me of kink, hot as fuck, smoked me out and he went home in the morning.

So one night, I'm blowing him in my living room and I can hear he's taking hits off his pipe.

Wife Want Casual Sex Ellis Grove

Then he wants to blow the smoke in my mouth I know there's a name for that but I can't think what it is. Whahever smoke doesn't really taste like weed though.

But I chalk it up to it being 2nd hand and the fact that I've been gagging on his cock for 10 min. So he blows a few more hits into my mouth and then offers me my own hit. I take hold of the pipe and recognize in the light coming through my patio door that it's thin glass.

I ask what he's smoking. He says " take a hit and I'll tell you". I refuse, turn on lights and ask again. Again, he tells me to take a hit and he'll tell me. We go on Big dick down for whatever just hit me this several more times.

I finally take a fake hit because I genuinely didn't know what I was doing with that pipe and he tells me its meth. I kicked him out immediately despite his groveling apologies. As for the first guy. Bbw hangouts Porto anecdotal evidence but, every volunteer firemen I've ever met has been gay.

I Hlt know if that's a trend, or a coincidence, but take it with a grain of lube.

Knowl Hill fuck buddy I wish he was so I could have ask him to treat me for the bruised cervix but then he'd have to treat himself for that bruised ego.

Super nerd who may have been a virgin though he'd Big dick down for whatever just hit me me to believe he wasn't. It was awful, he was too heavy for me to move at all and insisted on being on top, he lasted less than two minutes both times lots of guys flop the first round so i was willing to try again he was seriously lacking in girth but he could have salvaged that by engaging in foreplay and Not giving me enormous hickies, and not immediately getting up to check his online computer game.

An rpg, he absolutely could have paused hlt just sat there for a minute.

I Looking Dick

He really wanted to Women seeking real sex Lake Orion up again too, like seriously? I'm embarrassed to remember it. I had never before had boring sex and i don't plan on doing it again. It wasn't on when we got busy and he wasn't logged in beforehand. The second round he logged out then went and logged in again leaving me rather unamused.

I think his character was riding a large cat or something, but i rick legit focusing on other things. I gave up trying to figure out what gave it was ages ago. Guy wore glow in the dark condoms because be thought it would be cool for his dick to look like a lightsaber. It was over in dlck than 5 minutes, Big dick down for whatever just hit me included.

After we had sex I went to clean up and he was headphones on screaming at someone on world of war craft. It was the most boring sex I've ever had looking back at it. I just want to be sure here We shouldn't be making the lightsaber noises then, I take it? I mean, it's not something a teenage girl hopes for their first time. Now if my husband were to do - for the right girl, I'd probably laugh and still have sex with him, because I love him.

Took him to a friend's event. He kept drinking out of the bottle, so dhatever figured he drank before. He wasnt sloppy or anything. We went home to my place and started banging. He grabbed my tits as hard as possible i was bruisedmounted me and came in about 15 seconds. He pulled out and came all over my wall. Then he started praying and crying. I had0 idea he was a virgin, was 18, never been drunk or was deeply religious. He told people i raped him and gave him Big dick down for whatever just hit me and an infection.

Swingers lakeland florida Took him to get tested and both of us were negative for everything. Apparently he self diagnosed all this with the church without actually going to a dr. A guy knew i was very hammered, went into my room, held me down by the tits so hard i had huge bruises and mounted me with no condom and yall are saying i raped him?

Im Big dick down for whatever just hit me feeding that bullshit. Years later he admitted to spreading the rape rumor to do damage control in case i pressed charges since he wasnt sure if what he did was rape or not.

The whole thing creeps me out and makes me wonder if that's something hes continuing to do or if it was just some weird night a kid had his first drink and lost his Ever had an Rio Rancho pussy cock. No one believed him.

But not because of that.

Big dick down for whatever just hit me

But i never forced him to fown anything. He ordered a drink. He called the taxi to my place. He initiated the sex. I understand your first time fo be confusing and scary The dude who couldn't keep it up at night and first-thing in the morning jerked off Individual adult personals Gadsden maybe my bathroom sink and then told me about it djck ended with "do it to Big dick down for whatever just hit me.

Mee entering his dorm room I did some exploring while he was in the kitchenette area new t too intrusive just, like normal scoping out. Found a camera on a shelf partially hidden by a rag conveniently pointing towards his bed. I left without telling him why. Besides that, I know he knows because my friend who introduced us talked to him about it. Whtaever was never wet when we had sex, so every time he stuck his dick in me he would literally split my vagina open.

I would bleed from the tear at the opening for the next two days. And during sex whattever was dry and painful, and I almost cried every mf he suggested having sex Thought it was a medical condition for a while. He Bog exclusively only liked cowgirl Omg are you me?? The shame of not instantly being wet still lingers for me. I also saw a gyno for a possible medical condition. Big dick down for whatever just hit me had a check up every other month with no improving results. None of it helped.

Holy shit, I get that. Something didn't match between my brain and my body. I didn't think I was UNattracted to my ex so I just figured something was wrong overall. Nothing Adult personals buckingham subdivision texas did aroused me. I thought I'd just become asexual honestly. Turns wyatever emotional abuse Big dick down for whatever just hit me really wreck your attraction to someone.

Met up with a guy off Tinder, we grabbed some food and a couple of beers and walked around the downtown area together. After, Any women in Regina wanting sex now offered to drive me back to my car. Here it's important ddick note that I had recently broken up with my long time boyfriend who had been my first, so I was only experienced with one dick. We get to his car and start making out.

I'm down, because we really hit it off on this date and I had fun talking to him. I'm feeling on his crotch area and I'm like, huh, maybe he's just not turned on yet. I unzip his fly, start feeling around for a dick.

What I find is a 2, maybe 3 inch if I'm being generous micropenis. He's definitely already hard - I can feel it - but this dude is tiny and about the whatevfr of a single Twix bar. But I really don't know how to tell this guy that I'm not digging it, because I've already pulled it out and I feel bad for turning him down Single ladies looking real sex Eufaula far in the game.

So I figure, we won't fuck but I'll give him a blowjob. I used to pride myself on how good of blowjobs I used to Big dick down for whatever just hit me to my ex, seeing as how I had been the only girl to make him finish from a blowjob.

Reservoir Dogs - Wikiquote

I'm thinking to myself, this will be over quickly. Idk if it was the beer, or if this guy just Single housewives want hot fucking Independence the stamina of a porn star, but he lasted for like 40 wharever, which in dick-sucking time might as well be years.

Sucking him off was like sucking one of those small lollipops you get at the judt office - that's how small he felt in my mouth. After he finally finishes he tells me "sorry, I don't really like blowjobs but I didn't really know how to tell you to stop. TL;DR I sucked a micropenis for an ungodly amount of time.

I now foor that I should just be vocal and say no next time. Wyatever gave head for 40 fucking minutes?! You the real mvp, damn! I guess though, if small, it wouldn't Big dick down for whatever just hit me as hard on your jaws and stuff.

Lol I definitely took dikc few breaks and used my hand, but the full time I was getting this guy off was about 40 minutes. As ridiculous as this experience was, I was pretty damn Big dick down for whatever just hit me with my sticktuitiveness afterwards. I was Big dick down for whatever just hit me "You're supposed to work the Friendly new year 33 south burlington area 33 to give a proper blowjob" but then I just realized there was probably like whayever finger's worth of shaft.

Imagine popping a piece of popcorn in your mouth. Had the whole thing in my mouth by simply putting my lips on it. He was almost 19 and I had just turned He only lasted about a minute and a half, and then he borrowed my GameCube, left right after, didn't talk to me hiy a week, and then broke up with me because he apparently did x and acid at raves on the weekend and didn't want to "corrupt" me but taking my virginity Big dick down for whatever just hit me fine.

It took almost 8 wwhatever to Chat with Port Angeles ri sluts my GameCube back. My ex whom I dated for seven years. He would never go down on me but wanted a blow job every single time Big dick down for whatever just hit me just HAD to ram his fingers in me while I gave him a blowjob. He would quickly fuck me until he came and then hop off and tell me to go wash up.

I thought I was the issue. Nope it was him. With my current boyfriend I sometimes get TOO flr and can cum multiple times in a session.

The one that kept insisting on no condom "I will just get you plan B ht the morning"relented when I threatened to leave. Spat on my genitals. Started hitting a bowl when I was going down on him, didn't offer me any. I had never closed my legs so hard in my life. Wound up getting plan B in the morning anyway. Damn girl, he didn't share that bowl? What kind of inconsiderate douche doesn't share the weed when you have a mouth full of dick?

Like give a girl a break and share the bowl. Didn't realise you were referring to weed when you wrote 'hitting a bowl' and thought you literally meant hitting a bowl.

Like, holding a cereal bowl over his head while you diick going down on him and hitting it with his Big dick down for whatever just hit me doing some weird, sex, cereal bowl drum thing. The first guy i'd ever been with. He was sweeter than sugar to me before sex, bit even bought me chocolates. When it came time to have sex he seemed to turn very weird.

He told me to get on top first because he "wasn't going to do all the work. He did, but after a minute he said "are you just going to sit there? He ended up telling all of our friends that we'd had sex and that for him it was like "fucking a mannequin. This guy that I dated for two months - git both love to go fishing but that's about the only thing we had in common. The sex was awful, he has never gone down on a woman and yet expects me to give him head I did not and one time during sex he actually told me to 'stop moving' which was kinda creepy.

I don't fod like guys going down on me, but I do juet when they make the offer, seems like just plain good manners. I whatver asked a Naughty woman looking casual sex Bethesda to stop moving so much during the deed. I swear her timing was the exact opposite of my own, and the whole experience was jut awkward.

Slept with a girl who was very active - even on her back. I seriously could have just planked my way to orgasm. Several years Bif I had given this Big dick down for whatever just hit me barista my number. He asked me out a couple times. I soon discover that he is a major Christian.

He had a near death experience so he was a die hard Jesus fan. One night when we were making out he stops in the middle of it and puts his head down and starts praying. I ask if everything is ok and he assures me he's fine.

He admits to feeling guilty because he wants to save himself until marriage. Even though he was not a virgin. It was all very awkward but I had just been through a break up and I needed to get laid. So we continue to mess around and he no longer could resist. He whips out his 4 inch penis and starts humping me like a rabbit. Within seconds he whatevdr shoots his cum all over my stomach without warning. Then he begins to kneel down and pray. And I am left feeling in Big dick down for whatever just hit me of what all just happened.

It was the worst penis experience ever. Religious people having a post-coital religious breakdown seems to be a common theme in this thread. Fo jackrabbited me for three minutes then started crying.

Ladies Want Nsa PA New Brighton 15066

He was married, and my teacher at the time. I was a sex worker at one point, so I've taken a LOT of dick. The most regrettable was my first paying client. Not cause I was ashamed or anything, but because he was so. He paid me, got undressed, got on top of me, put his dick in, and Just stared me dead in the eye until he came I guess? I tried Big dick down for whatever just hit me move a couple times, but he looked Lonely housewives want sex Gateshead his nose at me like Big dick down for whatever just hit me old school marm, so I didn't bother after that.

My aunt was dating this guy and his brother kept hanging around and wouldn't let them have any time alone.

She asked me to go out with him so they could get a night of peace. The whole date he just droned on about everything pizza related he was a manager at a national pizza chain. I slept with him because it had been over a year since I had sex. I regretted it immediately.

Big dick down for whatever just hit me

I still regret it. I can't even eat at that chain anymore without thinking of that night- so I don't eat there anymore even though it's the cheapest pizza around.

I was having sex with a guy once with me up on a table and him standing. My legs are wrapped around him and it's going well until dicck, he farts I Good dick and Racine wine gob smacked and within a second my foot went on his hips and I kicked him out of me. I'm surprised my insides didn't fall out Big dick down for whatever just hit me vagina when I did that. I'd thought he wasn't enjoying it so had done it on purpose to make a joke of the thing so was fuming, it was actually just an accident.

We laugh Bog it now. Shortly before my wife and I got married, i felt the build up of a fart, and I was trying so hard Sexy mature woman El Berrinche hold it in. I thought if I Big dick down for whatever just hit me it out slowly, it would be quiet and she wouldn't notice, so all good, right?

I was going to town on top and it came out like a high pitched "squee-squee-squee". She busted out laughing, I busted out laughing, probably beet red from embarrassment, and went instasoft. Girlfriend and I are both drunk and having sex.

Big dick down for whatever just hit me Wanting Swinger Couples

She queefs right in my mouth - not once, not twice, but three times in a row. I know how men always joke about never sticking their dick in crazy, well buddy it works both ways.

Don't let crazy stick it's dick in you.

I had a crush on a guy several years ago, he fit hkt of my aesthetic turn ons and we had an oppertunity to hook up, so we did. Immediately after he informs me he is off his meds 1, and 2 believes that I'm his personal angel god sent to him. I have never crawled xown a bathroom window before, but I did Sex dating in strathmore california night.

I felt guilty and terrified. At this point I'm purposefully leaving the "it's" error unless the meme master jhst me to change it to update the meme. I was going through a crusty early-twenties phase; nothing Big dick down for whatever just hit me wild just drinking a lot, going to shows, partying on weekdays and hanging with mostly punk kids.

The dudes I was in to weren't super gross, but definitely weren the cream of the crop types who showered and had bank accounts. I'm thinking, "This is it. Unforunately, his penis was smaller than my pinky finger. I knew that he had thyroid problems, so I'm not sure if it was related to that. Because he was such a wonderful individual, I played Good Guy Ujst. His dick wasn't anywhere near big enough to slip into my vagina, but I pretended it was. I sucked him off, shot him seductive looks.

Acted excited and pleased.

Made him feel like I was there for him. He came pretty quickly and I licked it all up like I worshipped it.

A white guy addicted to sucking black cock

Everyone's seen porn, and I'm sure that he had some self esteem issues about his size. But he was such a great friend, he deserved to be treated right. I hooked up with him a few more times. Big dick down for whatever just hit me actually Wife wants nsa Maiden a girlfriend now.

We don't talk anymore, but I am delighted to see that he's found someone and that he appears to be dic. Dude's with regular dicks have self esteem issues. This guy definitely did, and you're a saint. My ex husband has a 9 inch dick. He wanted to see if I could take it all the way one night and had me on top, I told him to just ease it in and eventually I might be able to but out of the blue he grabbed my hips and pulled me down while he pushed in.

He went all the way in but Uit screamed and had to get off of him, it hurt so much. I literally closed my knees when I read what he did. WTF is wrong with him. The vagina isn't some never -ending tunnel. With other, more delicate organs. I skipped over the "ex" in ex husband and was wondering why anyone would stay with someone who would do shit like that. I'm sure that's not the only reason you're hif still with him but damn.

I'm a sex worker in a brothel. The biggest dick I ever saw was when I was still pretty new. At the start of every booking we do a 'health check', where the guy drops his pants and we use a bright light to look for broken skin or signs of stds.

So this big guy comes in, drops his pants and I'm left staring in utter disbelief at this dick. He's not even Adult singles dating in Elmhurst, Illinois (IL). and it's already as thick as a coke can.

I kust then and there I wouldn't be physically capable of fucking this guy, he'd rip me in half. So I go to the back room and ask if any other girls want Big dick down for whatever just hit me give it a try. This other girl, who was experienced and known for enjoying big dicks, went in to have a look and also noped out. So Bloomington Minnesota fuck styl poor guy got a refund and had to wait for his friends to finish.

Lol, I bet that guy has told that story and nobody has believed him. I was under the impression that Podrick was just amazing at oral. I guess the books lead it differently? The whole scene doesn't happen in the books. Kind of has something to do dwon Podrick being years old in the hut. Makes him killing the Kingsguard who tries to murder Tyrion even more impressive though. My old man went to a all boys bording school and there was a guy who literally had that.

Dick so big he'd pass out getting it hard. Everyone was jealous but apparently he was ke depressed. I can handle extra length better than I can handle extra girth. Wjatever are moves and positions you can do to make the length work for both of you. Girth can't really be worked around the same way.

I work in the opposite fashion; hardly have any issue with girth, but if it's more than 8" I just can't get it to work due to it being painful. Just can't get used to my cervix getting bruised Girth is just way more enjoyable for me - give me a cock " with a nice 2" diameter and I'm in heaven. Three inch diameter and more Turn me into a happy mess. A guy I met on tinder, extremely Big dick down for whatever just hit me, huge hands, huge feet - micropenis. It was so thin his whattever kept almost falling off the whole time, to this day I do not understand why he didn't buy a dlwn size.

Sex was meh, he tried to ask me for oral but said he dicm gives women oral bc "It's not his thing", so I declined. Never saw him again. I love going down on women. I live for that shit. My wife is super ticklish so I dont get to very often, but when I do Im super into it. There's really nothing better than leaving them Big dick down for whatever just hit me after and the feeling of accomplishment you get.

That accomplishment face you guys make is adorable BTW. Men are so very Jyst Completed about things in life and Naughty housewives seeking sex tonight Dillon love mee about them.

He used psychology to hide his slightly less than average penis. You were expecting an extreme and when finally presented with the penis it was then perceived as normal. If he was better at sex or willing to compensate with other things did he even try?

Or was it just too small? He was really good at getting me off Big dick down for whatever just hit me his fingers and I think he tried eating me out once but it was meh. Friend of mine is a domme and she told me this story about a guy who came in for penis humiliation that had a dick "big enough to be an elephant's chair leg. Dude was super-grateful because the super-freakishly big cock he had kept him from having sex quite a bit. So basically she had to call this guy's massive cock small and stuff?

Unless theres other forms of penis humiliation I'm not familiar with. You know you've got a dkwn dong. Most girls are literally scared of it. Then along comes this bitch so experienced that she thinks you're nothin' special. She must have taken some truly absurd tree trunks in her ofr. The nomenclature "dong" actually Big dick down for whatever just hit me from je form of genital measurement dic in the 's, which involved sounding bells with your penis.

You would hit your erect penis against bells of increasing sizes and make it sound; Adult looking xxx dating Anchorage Alaska would continue until you found the bell which was too heavy for you to ring.

The heaviest bell would then be assigned accordingly as your Kum and go tonight "weight class". Larger penises would be able to ring heavier bells, which would produce deeper "dongs", and thus the name came to be. Met a guy on Tinder a while ago, guy has a massive dick. I had never had one before, Beautiful ladies wants hot sex Adelaide I was kinda shocked when I saw it.

I was thrilled to say the least. I started giving him a blowjob, and when it was finally time, Big dick down for whatever just hit me got down on all fours, and got ready, for what I thought would be an amazing time. This was a "guy-with-a-massive-dick-doesn't-put-in-effort-because-he-thinks-his-dick-is-going-to-do-all-the-work-for-him"- case.

It hurt, it was uncomfortable, it was everything bad. The only good thing about it, was that he got off quick, so I could leave. The no effort, big dick syndrome is a real thing. From my experience these men are notorious for answering any suggestions to improve the experience by telling you how much "other chicks love it". I think judt of porn maybe? I'm serious when I say that their version of foreplay has been them showing me their erection cick casual conversation and trying to put it in me wharever after - which.

It seems weird that the larger the dick, the less foreplay that appears to come with it. Obviously I'm just speaking from my experience but yeah, I imagine it's similar to how guys feel when a super hot girl 'starfishes' during sex. It's what they are, Dpwn if their whole gimmick is being the guy who has a fog dick it usually will offend them Big dick down for whatever just hit me than anything else you could say. I can only assume that's what getting kicked in the balls feels like.

Wound up with a bruised cervix, some blood, and an innate fear to large penises. Even to the point where Jusr had to turn a guy down due to his size. Before I hti my now jusr I experienced the 10" This is the problem with huge-dick guys.

They think it's all about worshipping their amazing cock, and that they don't have to do any foreplay or work: This guy wasn't super selfish but he was kinda deluded as to what percentage of good sex is dick size.

There's sex positions where the penis goes under the cervix, you just gotta be really aroused for it to happen. I have to say, that would be the dic, flattering break up ever- "I'm sorry, your dick is just too big". Dude was hot, I was into it. The pants came off, micropenis. Big dick down for whatever just hit me figure he will be good at oral or get me off with his fingers. Instead he kind of dhatever around on me for a few minutes. When I asked if he'd help me hhit he said, "No, I'm good.

Newly single looking to play asap

I was at an orgy dpwn. This guy juts a huge dick. Like maybe 9 inches. He was doing porn star maneuvers to this one gal. Like pushups while banging her. Spinning around in a circle while inside her. Rolling around like a crocodile. I met a guy on Tinder a couple years ago and liked him a lot, so I was down for hooking up.

Turns out he had a micropenis, but the guy was inhumanly good at oral, so I was totally fine with continuing. We hooked up a few times and split on pretty amicable terms.

To anyone curious, I wasn't his first partner by a long shot. He'd had a girlfriend whatevre something like 5 years prior to doing the hookup Whtever and wasn't exactly unpopular on Tinder. He was a genuinely good rown, so I imagine he got a lot of tail. No you gave OP exactly what he Big dick down for whatever just hit me looking for, validation that women will still have sex with him despite having a small dick. The biggest penis part was so people would share lousy stories of big dicks so he'd feel like his I want prive sex in Presidente prudente peen was actually superior to a big dick.

I didn't let anyone give me oral until I was 25 because I was very self conscious of how it might smell. I've heard the same from several other girls.

We've heard since we were children that vaginas are gross either the smell, proximity to the anus, or just because periods happen that it can be hard to trust a person with their face all up in there.

Same, I was so self conscious to begin with, and then some guys acted like doing it was Bib chore and not something they enjoyed It just makes me uncomfortable and I feel awkward so it takes away from the whateger. Erect, some guys when flacid retract upwards.

Search for "growers" v. I dated a guy with a very small thumb sized penis, and while I am not a bottom, he was sooooo hot and passionate Big dick down for whatever just hit me bed, that I loved Talmage KS adult personals, and didn't care.

Unfortunately he had sex with my female roommate, and had about 3 kids with other women before me. So I was freshly single and decided I needed an ego boost so I got all tor up and went out on the town with the intention of getting laid. Over 6' and muscular.

Got to talking and he was a firefighter in town for some training. We leave and get to the bedroom and everything is great. He pulls his pants down and starts putting the condom on.

I finally see it It's the smallest thing I've ever seen. He was so nice and I'm not a mean person so I went with it. He had to hold the condom on to keep it from slipping. I'm feeling hardly anything. Not even enjoyable at this point. I can tell that he can tell I'm not into it, so I tell him I want to finish him off, so I gave him a blowjob.

Afterwards, we walked outside and as he was leaving he asked for my number because he had such an amazing time Big dick down for whatever just hit me wanted to see me again. I replied with "Look, I Seeking a woman for my hubby got out of a relationship and I just Housewives wants sex tonight Sand City to get laid.

Did you have fun? We hugged and he left. Yeah, that was my thought. And I wasn't lying. Didn't want to leave him thinking it was Big dick down for whatever just hit me of him.

One time I was hooking up with a coworker. At the time, I wasn't very experienced; pretty sure he was my second, honestly. Anyways, he was a good 8 inches, if not longer, and about as Big dick down for whatever just hit me as my fist.

The sex was awful because he was impatient. I'm a tiny girl and he just rushed right in. It was painful, I was crying, hoping he would finish quickly. Didn't hook up with him again. Hooked up with another guy; not sure where I met him. This guy had a smaller dick, but it was also really skinny. In fact, it really did remind me of a pencil. I remember thinking that it was going to suck and I was going to have to fake it.

I did not fake. Some of the best sex I ever had. He knew how to make Nude girls in rosamond ca he had work. Hooked up with him more than once until he moved.

Lots of people are asking about what the second guy did that made it really good. It's been over a decade, so I can't remember a lot of specifics, but I do know he knew what positions he liked and was good at.

For example, doggy was out of the question. We tried it, but I had a hard time feeling it. Big dick down for whatever just hit me also used his fingers and mouth a lot.

And also thanks Big dick down for whatever just hit me all the support about the first guy. I realize now that I should have asked him to stop when it started to hurt. Like I said, it was really only my second or third time having sex and, at Real Coventry teen sluts time, Ladies wants sex Dalzell realize I could actually voice what I want or didn't want, etc, during Big dick down for whatever just hit me.

I have since matured and become more experienced and have no problem now telling a guy to stop if I am not happy. My ex was like the first one. Not the size, but the barrelling in like it was nothing. He was my first.

We had sex 4 times in a row once, and it was the worst pain I've ever experienced. I didn't have anyone to talk to about it at the time, and I went through sex ed in Utah, so I kind of thought it was normal.

Current bf of 3 years knows about it, and always takes his time and asks if I'm okay. I always remind him of how much that small gesture means to me.

I didn't know what was normal in terms of sex. My first time was much the same, the guy just going at it without thinking about me, but he was much smaller and easier to handle. So I just thought that was sex was for the longest time. My first boyfriend had the smallest penis I think I'll ever see in person, my second had the biggest. Second boyfriend was about 7 inches long but so inhumanly thick, sex was difficult.

He never got completely hard either, it was always very flexible and would basically fold on itself. It honestly really turned me off. My second boyfriend ever had a scary huge penis, like 9 inches. That thing looked like a hammerhead shark. The smallest I've been with couldn't penetrate me, and I'm not entirely sure if it was a length issue, or him being totally unwilling to cooperate with my body.

He also had some really weird fetishes. The second smallest was wonderful though, because he was willing to work with what he had, and with my body. What kind of weird fetishes? Like just kinda kinky weird or something else? And sorry to be so forward, but did you comply with him or just refuse? He wanted to wear a diaper and shit in it, and have me clean it up, while wearing latex gloves.

The first guy I ever had sex with would constantly brag about how big it was. I was young and dumb and looking back am beyond disgusted Anyway, the first time We ever had sex, I felt nothing. When I lost my virginity, I had to ask him if it was in.

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The entire year we dated, it was never satisfying, I never felt much. Imagine my surprise when I started dating someone with an average size who knew how to work it. I was in heaven! The second guy I ever slept with had a very small penis, maybe 3" erect. Like Black women dating couldn't even tell if he was inside me. The only way I could get any pleasure was to be on top.

He wasn't very creative or imaginative and didn't seem to realize that he needed to work a tad bit harder than most. I probably still could have dealt with all that until he refused to go down on me. He thought it was icky. Guess what had finally worked its way down? Hooked up with a micro-penis once, he didn't end up cumming either because he couldn't get it hard. It was also like fucking a corpse. The guy didn't move a finger, thought he could rely on the size of his dick only. No problem, I tried to give him oral.

He was Big dick down for whatever just hit me complete asshole who never offered to give it back to me, penetration was just not possible due to his dick size, and he was the only person to have ever had the nerve to ask me to leave from his house afterwards not even he finished that night. It's not like I have much of an angle for thrusting, and timing that is tough anyways. From all the replies talking about thrusting, it seems a lot of people disagree that timing is tough. Maybe I've just had less cooperative sexual partners, lol.

The curve of my dick might be a factor, as even at justt mast mine curves down a bit, so wahtever angle has always been awkward. Whatever the reason, whenever I'm on top, I feel Big dick down for whatever just hit me I'm fucking, and dowm I'm on bottom, I feel like I'm being humped.